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Sustainable Video Production in the North East

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 HT Media receives AdGreen training for sustainable video production to contribute to Net Zero targets.

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All companies have a responsibility to carry out their work in a sustainable way. Years of being a leading video production company for the renewable energy sector has opened our eyes for the need to transition to Net Zero. So, we have undergone training to discover how we can contribute to these goals in our industry, as well as becoming a clean member of the UK supply chain.

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What is AdGreen?

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AdGreen works with the advertising industry to eliminate the environmental impacts of production. Through their training, they inform and empower companies on how to act for zero waste/zero carbon.

They are part of the Advertising Association, and work in partnership with BAFTA and albert– a training certification we have also received.

Through AdGreen and albert’s support, we hope to be proactive in working towards the Ad Net Zero goal of achieving real Net Zero in our industry by 2030.

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Where do we go from here?

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Now we have the knowledge, we need to action it.

We have a responsibility beyond the legal and regulatory requirements. HT is committed to continually improving our environmental performance as a key part of our business strategy and methods. As such, we first needed to review our Sustainability and Environmental Policy (you can read more about this here) to make sure it is up-to-date and best represents our plan moving forward. 

As part of this we had a good look at ourselves and identified areas we need to improve upon, and how to do it.

This involved looking at every aspect, big and small. From energy providers and re-usable batteries, to food waste and education of staff. Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference, and everything will need to be addressed to achieve our goals. Although some factors do contribute significantly more and will therefore be an on-going journey.

For example, the biggest contributor to emissions in the video production industry is travel. To make the largest impact we need to minimise travel as much as possible. We can do this through means such as organising meetings to be online instead of in person.

However, we can’t cancel travel completely- we often need to be on location for shoots- and unfortunately switching to all electric vehicles is not feasible for the crew yet.

So what can we do in these situations?

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Carbon offsetting

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We are able to calculate the unavoidable emissions produced by a project and then compensate for it by investing in an environmental project like reforestation. This usually costs as little as £9 per tonne. 

Obviously, it is only a temporary solution, and we definitely cannot offset our way out of the climate crisis. But giving to verified, impactful environmental projects is a great way to support our journey to real Net Zero.

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Aiming for a cleaner future

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We still have some way to go as a company and industry before our goals are achieved. But all of us at HT are enthusiastic about pursing real change, and are excited for the future of sustainable video production.

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Need our help with a project?

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