Upskilling Video Production for the Offshore Wind Sector

HT Media has completed the WEST Programme to improve upon industry knowledge and supply better video production for the offshore wind sector.

As a company, we pride ourselves on being experts in video content relating to renewable energy. As such we’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate with companies in the sector and improve upon our skill set. Working with both the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) and Opergy, we have completed the WEST Programme. This has increased our understanding of offshore wind, and therefore improved our capability to help companies achieve their goals through meaningful video content.

What is the WEST Programme?

The programme is delivered by OWGP. It aims to support companies grow in UK offshore wind by increasing their competitiveness. Through a series of workshops, they address the predetermined aims set by the participating company- making each session specific to them.

They collaborate with Opergy to provide these workshops. We worked with experts from the sector who were able to provide a clear picture of the industry, and our place within it.

Where are we now?

Through their support we feel more prepared than ever to assist our clients. Now we have the industry knowledge, as well as the experience to back it. 

Over the last five years we’ve worked with over 25 companies in the renewable energy sector. These include companies such as GE/LM Wind Power, ROVCO and Osprey, as well as being the lead video providers for the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult in the North East and Scotland. You can see some of these videos in the portfolio section of our website.

We’re also sea survival trained, meaning we have the capability to film offshore when required.

The combination of these factors means we’re prepared to make content that actually makes a difference. Whether that’s addressing company-specific/industry-wide issues, or helping companies shout about themselves to inspire the next generation.

An exciting future

All of us here at HT are very excited for what the future holds. We can’t wait to get stuck-in and see the offshore wind sector thrive- in the UK as a whole, and particularly the North East- during what is an exciting, and critical time.

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