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HT Media secures grant to create a paid Production Assistant role for a Northumbria University Graduate

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We have been growing for a while now, and expanding our team has become an increasing desire for us. However, we always want to be fair to any member of our crew, ensuring a good wage and plenty of support. Thanks to the NEBS2 Scheme offered by Northumbria University, we’ve been able to create a well-paid opportunity for a NU graduate to join the HT team.

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Who are we?

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Based in Gateshead, we are a video and animation production company that creates high-quality, engaging video content. This year we are celebrating 20 years of providing clients across the UK with content that meets their needs.

We specialise in four main sectors; renewable energy, engineering and manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Within these sectors we have many notable clients, all of which you will be working with. These include companies such as; Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, Environment Agency, The Coal Authority, CPI, NHS Blood & Transplant, and Northumbria University, amongst many more.

We have extensive broadcast experience in both documentary and advertising, and are always keen to bring that quality and creativity to our corporate projects.

You can see examples of our work on the portfolio section of our website.

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What are we looking for?

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We are offering the role of a Production Assistant. However, as we are a micro business, this may not be identical to the role you would typically associate with this title.

Your main role would be to assist the production crew, both on-location and in the office. Given our size, you would be working on all elements of production. From writing the initial brief, to pre-production, production and through to post-production. 

With time, you would also gain experience in dealing with the business-side of the company. This would include duties such as; tendering for work, engaging with clients, and attending networking events.

We completely understand that a graduate may not have too much experience and will definitely not be a ‘finished article’ and so the skills listed below are not all essential, however at least a base understanding and willingness to learn/improve would be needed.


  • Knowledge/interest of pre-production, including organising shoots, helping to manage projects, creating call sheets, risk assessments, story boards and mood boards.
  • Knowledge/interest in production, including operating a camera, lighting, sound equipment, and interviewing.
  • Knowledge/interest in post-production, including editing, graphics and titles. We use the Adobe Suite for all post-production, in particular, Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Some knowledge of animation would be a bonus.
  • Knowledge/interest in business operations. We are a micro business, therefore all employees will be expected to be involved with the business side of the company in some capacity. These are teachable skills, so prior experience is not essential, however a willingness/interest to learn and be involved is essential.


  • Willingness to learn- as previously mentioned, we’re not expecting any applicants to be the finished article, but we are looking for applicants who are interested in media production and want to learn new skills and improve upon existing ones.
  • Creative- we work in a creative industry and would like applicants to be involved in developing new ideas for our clients videos.
  • Hard-working- we’re looking for someone who will throw themselves into this role and making themselves an essential part of the team.
  • Has initiative- Occasionally you might find yourself at a loose end. We’d like applicants to show initiative and find tasks which could benefit themselves or the business.
  • Good communication- this is key at HT Media. Applicants will need to be confident enough to speak with clients while on shoots, and also able to communicate clearly with members of the team to make sure projects run smoothly.

Due to the terms and conditions of the funding, we are only able to accept applicants who have graduated from Northumbria University in 2018 to present.

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Why choose HT Media?

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It can’t all be take, take, take. As an employer it’s important that we can also provide for you, and support your needs as you grow. 

Firstly, this is a paid position. We’re pleased to be able to offer you a salary of £18,000 in your first year of working with us. Additionally, you will be given four weeks holiday, plus bank holidays.

Although, every job offers payment- so what else do we have to offer?

Despite this role is inititally a graduate internship, we will be looking to make this position into a permenant one- providing the applicant is a good fit for the team.

Being a micro business has its benefits. You will be given the opportunity to be involved in all elements of both the production/creative duties, and business decisions. We’ve often found this helps to accelerate your professional growth (and I found it helps personally too).

There is also plenty of opportunity to develop your skills. All of us here at HT continue to learn every day, trying new filming techniques, and finding other new opportunities to develop during quieter periods. You’ll be working closely with Cal and Dan (our production team) who will actively try to support you as you develop in areas you’ve identified on starting your role.

We operate an open-door policy, and we hope you can talk to us at any time. However, we also have a formal appraisal system to monitor progress of both company and personal targets.

The nature of this industry means that you will sometimes be required to work outside of standard operating hours, including weekends. However, we always avoid this if possible. Whenever you have worked outside of your standard hours, you will be given LIEU time. This can be used on other working days to reclaim your time off.

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How to apply:

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If you’re interested in joining the team, we’d love to hear from you!

You can email your CV, cover letter, and portfolios directly to us at: cal@ht-media.com

Alternatively, you can find us on the Northumbria Graduate Futures website.

Applications close on Friday the 15th of July, and we will aim to contact the shortlisted candidates by the end of the following week.

If there are any questions regarding your application, or any further information you would like from us, please feel free to get in touch.

Good luck, and see you soon.

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Need our help with a project?

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