Striving for Net Zero: A Carbon Neutral Case Study

We’re thrilled to finally implement our sustainable production training as we completed our first carbon neutral project, producing a case study video with the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) and CASC Ltd.

The project

CASC had been working with OWGP to secure grant funding to enhance their manufacturing capabilities in the offshore wind sector. In addition to this they had completed the WEST Programme (just like us) to upskill their knowledge and approach within the industry.

A case study video is a fantastic way to spotlight their successful journey and tell CASC’s story. It can also serve as a powerful testimonial for OWGP’s work and how their support can help transform businesses.

You can see the finished video in our portfolio by clicking here.

Aiming for a carbon neutral production

Years of being a leading video production company for the renewable energy sector has opened our eyes for the need to transition to Net Zero. Last year we completed AdGreen training to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to offer carbon neutral productions and become a clean member of the UK supply chain.

This project offered us the perfect opportunity to implement our new skills.

During pre-production we took extra steps to ensure all the necessary actions were taken to reduce our environmental impact at every stage of the production.

We used the AdGreen carbon calculator to accurately measure our impact- looking at all aspects such as waste, materials and even the electricity used in the edit.

The biggest contributor to emissions during this project (and is usually the case for every production) is travel. We took steps to reduce our impact as much as possible- such as taking the ferry, which is a great carbon saver compared to flying- but ultimately we needed to be on-location for the purposes of filming.

But there is still something we can do.

Carbon offsetting

Once we calculate the unavoidable emissions produced by a project, we then compensate for it by investing in verified environmental projects like reforestation. 

Obviously, it is only a temporary solution, and we definitely cannot offset our way out of the climate crisis. But giving to verified, impactful environmental projects is a great way to support our journey to real Net Zero.

To find out what else we’re doing to strive for Net Zero here at HT Media, check out our other blogs: ‘Sustainability at HT Media’ and Sustainable Video Production in the North East’.

Carbon neutral content- a difference in quality?

Simply- no.

 The quality of the production is unaffected by our Net Zero efforts.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what Tamsin Armstrong, the Business Strategist for CASC Ltd had to say:

“We hugely enjoyed working on this case study project with HT Media- they made it really relaxed and comfortable for everyone involved; testament to this is the output from our team that wasn’t scripted or staged, HT Media elicited genuine positive content that came across as just that – and that exceed our expectations around the project.

In fact, we were so pleased with the result that we commissioned an extra two video projects with HT Media.

A professional yet personal experience, which got the best from our team – and in a very short period of time! Would highly recommend.”

Tamsin Armstrong

Business Strategist, CASC Ltd

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