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There’s a lot of talk among business owners about video marketing, you’ve probably already heard it yourself. The benefits it brings are so useful that they’re difficult to ignore. From boosting sales to building trust, videos are a powerful solution.

But once you decide to go with video marketing, you have a new question. How?

Sure you can look up guides online, record some footage using your phone or some borrowed or older equipment, and do some basic editing using some free software, but even then, what do you record?

There are debates and articles floating around, spouting statistics and percentages. You’ve probably read lines like ‘stand out from the crowd’ – as if it’s easy, and making a video is an automatic win. If you’re interested and have researched it, then you’ve most likely found websites offering to guide you through the process so you can do it yourself.

The problem with this approach, is it often leads to a rather predictable endgame – A video made without professional knowledge of how to compose the varied elements and create something that actually will stand out. Self made business videos are quite common these days, but that doesn’t mean they are the ones being successful in all those statistics that caught your eye.

So back to the core problem; hiring a video marketer costs money, and that’s why you’re fiddling with a tripod for the first time. But in the grand scheme of things you should ask yourself, is the cost really so stifling? Especially if the whole purpose of the video is to provide a return on investment?

You’ve already decided you want to join the success stories and make a video to sell your organisation, service, or product, but if you choose to do it yourself you are also choosing to take on far more risk. You can research it for days, but if you’re not in the industry you don’t necessarily have an eye for what works. And if you don’t make the video right the first time, it may cost you far more in lost sales and damaged first impressions than hiring those who can guarantee high quality.

Below is a list of pitfalls you could fall into creating your own business video, and they are far from the only ones. If you read through the list, and find even one you weren’t aware of, having a conversation with us before you make any decisions might be in your best interests.

Body language

This may sound ridiculous, but body language is a key component when connecting with your demographic. It’s important for the comfort level to fit with the discussion. Should you be walking and talking? Should you be sitting at a table? Should you present your whole self? And if so, are you aware of the correct stance? You can’t be sure if you don’t have an eye for it.


You might be shaking your head now, thinking that it’s your business, of course you know what you’re going to say. But reading lines isn’t going to capture interest and engage your audience up until the end of the video. You need the right wording to work the crowd, and you need the right voice. You have to say more than, “I’m selling this product”. You have to express with tone and direction, “This is why you should pay attention and buy my product over someone else’s.” Which brings us to the next point.

Actors and voice overs

If you don’t have the right voice, the right projection, the right tone, you might not sell the product as well as a professional. This may sound harsh, but that’s the industry. Certain people have a voice that sells, and if you didn’t know that, you probably shouldn’t be winging this.


So, you’re adamant you’re not paying for a professional. But if you want it to look as good as the business owners who are now reeling in the profits, you can’t just smile with a camera phone and selfie stick. If you don’t choose to hire a professional, you’ll need to pay for a lot of kit yourself, including a decent camera, a tripod, the right kind of lights, microphones, script writers, and possibly even actors or voice actors.


Again, this depends on what you’re selling, and the purpose of your video. An open space room with the light on may seem friendly, but it might also look dull if the camera doesn’t agree with it. So, is the sunshine more appropriate? How do you deal with lens flare? How do you make it look engaging? Is a spotlight suitable? There’s a fine line between dull, bright and just right.

These are a few major risks to consider, and potentially pay for, if you decide to attempt video marketing with homemade content. The con for hiring a professional video marketer is that it will cost for their time. The con for not hiring could very well be your business reputation.

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