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So, you’ve heard that video marketing promises remarkable success for business owners who want to stretch their voice further. You’ve researched it and percentages back up the theory, so you’re delving into it.

HT Media have put together a short tour of what video marketing can offer you, depending on how it’s scripted and directed, to give you more of an idea on what this has to offer, and to widen your comfort zone on the subject.


Does your business or product require a bit of a walkthrough? There are various ways to get your point across to your audience. With our professional storyboard artists and script writers HT Media can help you do it through your video, which is far more effective than trying to explain it with a wall of text. And if it’s a complex format, animation can explain it in nearly any way you can imagine.


Perhaps you want something memorable? You want to put your product on a pedestal and show your audience exactly how amazing it is? With the right lighting, voice overs, soundtrack and storyboards we make sure it drives real ROI for your business. It’s all about understanding your demographic, to make sure we create something engaging and memorable.


Perhaps you haven’t been in business long, you’ve got this great service or product and you really want people to know about it and understand why it would be beneficial to come to you before anyone else. Video marketing is a great way to do that. We can plan out the perfect script and visuals to help your audience understand what you’re offering. If you’re not camera shy it’s a great way to introduce yourself too! Your audience will feel far more comfortable with you in person if they already feel they’ve met you on screen.

This is just a selection of the roles video can take on, and the success it can drive for your business. Give us a call today if you’d like more details, or to know what video could do for you…

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Need our help with a project?

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