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CASE STUDY- ORE Catapult’s HV Lab

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ORE Catapult is the UKs leading technology innovation and research centre for offshore renewable energy. We’ve worked with them on many projects now, to help promote their facilities and highlight their industry-driving approach. This particular project aimed to showcase their cutting edge ‘High Voltage Testing Laboratory’.

This is a facility that helps establish ORE Catapult as an industry leading company, so our film needed to live up to that. We used an array of techniques and gear to achieve a high quality corporate video.

We used tracking shots and our gimbal to get fluid movement around the facility, as if the viewer was being taken on a tour from the comfort of their chair.

Being located next to the Port of Blyth in the North East meant we could make good use of our drone. Footage was taken of the facilities exterior, on top of which we included animations of each section to give a virtual map effect. This was used to transition between the different parts of the lab in a more interesting way, and added another dynamic to the tour element of the video.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Here is what Ben Moore of Catapult had to say about it–

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“ht were great from start to finish. From the first pre-production meeting to discuss ideas it was clear they understood our objective to promote the lab’s expertise, people and test assets, as well as providing creative solutions.

With health and safety an absolutely priority in our business, it was also pleasing to deal with a media team prepared to take part in our inductions and showing a real awareness of safety throughout; as well as making staff feel at ease while having a camera pointed at them.

I’ve worked with ht many times and they’ve always been able to adapt to our demanding, ever-changing work environments and schedules. For example, they were able to creatively work around the fact there was no external cable testing at the time of filming, by introducing the use of animation to visualise what the test set up would look like.

I would happily recommend ht Media to companies seeking to promote their business using video, and I look forward to working with them again.”

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Watch the finished video and see for yourself:

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It’s always exciting to work with such pioneering organisations. We look forward to our continued collaboration and are excited for what the future may hold.

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