‘I am totally blown away. The whole thing has come together so well, amazing.’

-Pete Ross, Little Cat Theatre


These short videos were made as part of the North East and North Cumbria Make Every Contact Count or MECC programme.

The idea behind this is to have health promoting conversations in day-to-day interactions. A way to increase these talks is by educating people and organisations on when and how to use a MECC intervention.

The Project

Enter the MECC dramas.

Video can be a very effective tool for teaching as its great at engaging an audience. So it makes sense to include it in workshops like these.

We loved the idea of learning through drama so decided to really emphasise it in the videos. That gave us our style and we were sure to keep this in mind when finalising the script and shot lists.

Our collaboration with Little Cat Theatre and the Grangeside Group ensured all the relevant information was included, with a consistent style, altogether making a very effective piece. 

Here is what Alison Craggs of the Grangeside Group had to say;

“Honestly they are just brilliant, so professional. We will be adding it into our marketing strategy for short, high impact films for additional resources in any training programme.

Alison Craggs

Head of Learning and Organisation Development, Grangeside Group

Each video had two parts. Part A would show when an opportunity had been missed. Then part B would show the same scenario but instead used a MECC intervention.

In the edit a cinematic colour grade and black bar affect was added to guarantee the style. Then, subtitles and an interpreter to make it accessible to everyone.

We’re very pleased with the final films, but don’t just listen to us. Pete Ross went on to say;

“Thanks so much for all your help, guidance and patience, as ever. I am personally thrilled with what we are able to achieve. The reaction to what we do is really encouraging, and makes me excited about what we do and where we go next.”

Pete Ross

Little Cat Theatre

Everyone at HT is also exited for what time might bring for this project and hope it helps encourage people to talk about life-changing topics.

See an example video for yourself here:

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