nhs nightingale north east

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, a series of Nightingale Hospitals were built around the country. These were to be used as backups if current NHS facilities couldn’t cope as the pandemic reached its peak.

One of these sites was assembled in the North East at Washington, near the Nissan car plant.

This is clearly a monumental milestone in the history of the NHS, but also for the whole of Britain

Rightly so, it was thought this feat should be recorded- and we were lucky enough to be chosen for it.

Using time-lapse cameras we captured the rapid construction and incredible efforts of all involved. This is always an effective way to show the progress of any project from start to finish. 

The final film has been featured on news programmes such as Look North and Tyne Tees, as well as online newspapers such as the Chronicle and the Sunderland Echo.

Despite the groundbreaking work it is hoped the site is never used.

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