Wootzano- Crowd Funding Wootzkin

The Project

To create a promotional video that would help attract investors. They would fund the development of Wootzano’s stretchable electronic skin.

‘Wootzkin’ works to give robots a human-like sense of touch when feeling an object.

The Process

Going into this project we knew there were two key components that would make it a successful crowd funding video. One was the robots wearing Wootzkin, the other was the people behind the skin. The electronics would only be as good as the people creating them.

We worked closely with the Wootzano team on the lead up to filming to develop a rough script. It was important that the correct technical elements were included, but also crucial that it wasn’t too jargon heavy and lose viewer engagement. The right balance was needed to deliver a compelling message.

The interviews were set up using two cameras. The main camera was directly in front of the interviewee and essentially acted as the audience of Wootzano’s pitch, and so was directly addressed. The second camera was positioned with a more standard interview framing. This would help us achieve a contemporary look, and from a practical standpoint, allow for a smoother edit- transitioning through takes easier.

The effects used, such as the glitching transitions and the cuts to black and white, really added to the style of the video, all whilst fitting with the theme.

On top of this, using the on-screen text to emphasise key words or phrases added another dynamic to the film. All of these elements tied together made for an interesting and engaging promotional video for Wootzano.

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