Welcome to TEWV

The Project

We were commissioned by TEWV to help create a welcome video that could be shown to new recruits before they start. The purpose was to give them a sense of the wider organisation and its people, rather than solely their specific hospital.

The Process

There wasn’t too much filming required for this project. The majority of the film was a re-cut of previous videos we had made highlighting TEWV’s many facilities. Therefore we only needed to record one interview. Brent Kilmurray, the Chief Executive Officer for TEWV, delivered this.

The rest of the project could be completed in the edit. As always, this is where it all came together. We interlaced Brent’s messages with the relevant films to create a very effective welcome video.

Usually we wouldn’t advise a film being nearly 12 minutes long. Viewers have a hard time concentrating for more than a couple of minutes, meaning they would stop watching before the end. However given the context of it, the timings were appropriate. This video would be viewed in a controlled environment, as part of a welcome event, so the audience would naturally watch all of it.

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