The Coal Authority- Mining Clean Up

The Project

To showcase past works done to clean the rivers near three former metal mines. The sites included Force Crag, Saltburn and Wheal Jane.

This would contribute to the overall story of the Water and Abandoned Metal Mines (WAMM) Programme, and hopefully help them continue their work into the future.

The Process

Each site was unique in its own way. With a mixture of ground and aerial filming we were able to capture some great shots.

The drone came in very handy. It was able to show the falcons view of the river spanning the valley at Force Crag. It could show off the enormity of the site at Saltburn. And at Wheal Jane it was vital for exploring its intricate layout.

As stunning as the visuals were, they wouldn’t contribute much without a well-delivered interview. This was the most important element of the video. It gave shots meaning and guides the audience through the story.

With some savvy editing, merging stills of the past and present day footage- all on top of a cleverly constructed and concise interview- made an effective, engaging final film.

If you need any help with video production, please get in touch.

Thank you so much for your patience and skill in weaving together video, stills and my interview for what I hope will be a really good means to explain and promote the WAMM Programme.

Hugh Potter

Water and Abandoned Metal Mines Programme Director, Evironment Agency

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