ORE Catapult- HV Facility

The Project

To promote ORE Catapults’ High Voltage Testing Laboratory. This facility is cutting edge, so to highlight this a real focus is needed on all of its key features; the lab’s expertise, people and test assets, as well as providing creative solutions.

The Process

This is a facility that helps establish ORE Catapult as an industry leading company, so our film needed to live up to that. We used an array of techniques and gear to achieve a high quality corporate video.

Shots were gathered from each part of the facility, with accompanying interviews by the relevant people to match. We used our reliable Sony fs700 for the bulk of footage, but also made good use of our DJI Ronin gimbal to get the best possible shots of areas inaccessible to a bigger camera. This also allowed for fluid movement around the facility, as if the viewer was being taken on a tour from the comfort of their chair.

Drone footage was taken of the facilities exterior, on top of which we included animations of each section to give a virtual map effect. This was used to transition between the different parts of the lab in a more interesting way, and added another dynamic to the tour element of the video.

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