NHSI- Patient Safety Alert

The Project

To improve patient safety by creating an informational video about the correct action to take after procedures.

This specifically was about the removal or flushing of lines and cannulae by doctors and nurses.

The Process

We knew for this project that emotional engagement was the key to help practitioners learn.

Kathryn was chosen to deliver this message because her powerful story gave the audience a real-life incident they could relate to.

To help achieve the emotion required we interviewed Kathryn in a down the lens style, making it feel as if she was directly addressing the viewer.

Kathryn’s confident and precise delivery shaped the video and really helped us in the edit. It meant there didn’t need to be too many cutaways, which could have weakened the connection between her and the viewer.

We were please with the final version of this video, it’s a good example of how sometimes a simple style can be the most effective. Hopefully it will help keep patients safe going forward.

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