NHSBT- Anaya’s Story

The Project

To help raise awareness for the need of organ donation and the impact it could have on people and their families.

The content also needed to be suitable to share on different social media platforms.

The Process

This is an important issue, which is why it was so important to make the audience emotionally engage with the video.

Anaya’s story was vital to this as it showed the consequences of insufficient organ donation on a real person.

However with Anaya being so young we needed help to deliver the message, so we worked closely with Anaya’s mum, Joety, to tell us about their journey.

Joety gave us an emotionally charged interview, and combined with the soft music and shots of mum and daughter lovingly playing together, the final video gives an impactful and lasting message.

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We were also asked to produce a Christmas version of the video.

Although the message was the same, Anaya’s story revolved around a typical Christmas for her and the family and how the best gift she could receive would be life.

These are examples of the video in both formats- the ‘standard’ 16-9 for general viewing and the 1-1 for Instagram.

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