NEAS- Growing a Compassionate Culture

The Project

To create an informative video highlighting the change in culture within the North East Ambulance Service, and how it was achieved.

This would be used in a conference presentation to other ambulance services around the UK.

The Process

For this project interviews with management were essential, but it was also crucial to get insight from all areas impacted by the change- such as dispatch and paramedics.

For the most part, a simple but effective interview style was used; however when interlaced with the animation of a growing sunflower the video came together nicely to show how integrating techniques could make for a stand-out film that can really drive a message.

We were also given access to an ambulance during filming so were able to get some interesting cut-aways, including aerials, the ambulances interior and even an on-the-move interview!

Combining this with shots of dispatch and other areas at NEAS headquarters it made an engaging and informative video that would compel viewers to give it their full attention.

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