CY Partners- Promotional Video

The Project

The gang at CY Partners approached us to help them create a promotional video to be used at an upcoming event. Although savvy in all things science, they stressed video was a new area for CY, and they may need some guidance.

It turns out they are naturals, but we’re always happy to help and explain through the process.

The Process

The biggest challenge for this project was finding enough b-roll. The majority of CY Partners’ work happens digitally, so we needed to find other ways to make it engaging.

During pre-production we established that the focus needed to be on the team. We filmed lots of interactions, whether it was conversations, meetings, tea-runs or office basketball. The camera was set to film at 50 frames per second. This allows us to slow down the footage, giving it a cinematic effect whilst maintaining its smoothness of motion.

We also continuously recorded using a GoPro, which allowed us to speed up footage, giving a time-lapse effect. The GoPro was also used for some ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots during interviews. Again, giving us extra b-roll, but also capturing the lighter, human-side of CY Partners. This is something that is integral to their business.

Interviews were filmed with two cameras. A master shot, set up in a typical interview style, accompanied by a secondary moving camera. Cutting to this helps emphasise key points, drawing the viewer’s attention when necessary.

Mixing all of these elements together helped to keep the video engaging throughout.

The intro to the video is a 20-second montage featuring key words that describe CY Partners. These quick cuts and modern promotional style immediately grab the viewer’s attention, and portrays what the video is about in a short amount of time. It can also be used separately as its own short social media video.

If you need any help with video production, please get in touch.

They made everyone feel relaxed and the process enjoyable whilst still getting across the feel of our company on camera. Working with Dave the editor was great – we independently had the same ideas which was validation that both parties were aligned.

Lisa Chatterjee

Writer in Residence, CY Partners

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