Catapult- Marynsol

The Project

To create a video showcasing the cutting-edge transformation offered to the offshore renewable energy sector, which is possible through the Levenmouth Turbine. This was to be shown by the case study, Marynsol.

The Process

We knew this was quite an information-intensive video and so effective communication was vital. On-screen captioning is an effective tool, and one we use regularly, to support the visuals and carry the message across to an audience. Each caption needed to be brief yet gives all the necessary information, as well as be presented in a style that fits the content.

A mixture of ground and drone filming was done to give us a wide variety of shots to choose from in the edit. The drone was useful for showing the enormity of the turbine and scenic views. Meanwhile, our Sony fs700 camera was used to get the finer details and interviews on the ground.

Once pulled together in the edit suite, the combination of techniques makes for a good-looking and informative piece.

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