About HT

Throughout our 20+ years as a media production company, we have delivered countless projects for a wide-range of clients in both the public and private sectors.

Our experience means we have had the opportunity to refine our processes over years. Thanks to this we are confident that all of our projects are delivered on budget, on time and, most importantly, achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Team

We are a group of multi-disciplined media professionals with extensive experience in documentary, marketing, and corporate video production.

Dave Hindmarsh


Having edited shows for ITV, BBC, and sky for over twenty years, I’ve picked up a thing or two. I will ensure that your film flows and delivers the right message to its target audience. Away from the edit suite you can often find me in a Dungeon fighting Dragons with my son and friends.

Dan Monaghan


Since starting as an apprentice at HT, I’ve worked my way through the ranks to become a company director. In that time, I’ve filmed hundreds of videos for both public and private sector clients. Aiming to produce unique and creative videos each time. When I’m not at work you can find me at gigs, watching football or playing board games with friend.



I graduated from Northumbria university with a degree in film and tv, now the junior camera operator, learning and developing my skills. With hope to become the lead camera operator soon. At home you can usually find me watching films or baking some yummy treats.



I have produced, directed and shot corporate films, documentaries, pop promos, and TV commercials for more than 25 years. In recent times, I have also returned to my photographic roots, having begun my career all those years ago during the film and darkroom era. Outside of the office I love a good gadget and I like nothing more than a good walk, especially on Bamburgh beach, one my favourite places in the world.

Our Process

We follow a simple three step process…

A key step towards success, planning begins when we receive a brief or request to tender.

Scripting, Storyboarding, Producing, pre-production and casting.

The fun part. With our plan perfected and messages developed we can move onto brining it all to life.

Production, filming, photography, animation, post-production, effects, music and branding

Time to send you the finished product via Vimeo or WeTransfer

Amendments, subtitles, Interactivity, aftercare and backups.

HT Video
HT Animation
HT Photography

HT Values


We like to support people. Whether you’re our colleague, media partner or client, we always aim to do right by others.

We also support young people and graduates through education, offering placement opportunities and internships to local students as well as apprenticeships. Previously we have turned these roles into full time positions, and currently one of our Directors started as an apprentice. 


It is crucial as a company that we provide ample opportunities for people from the area to get involved in our industry. Whether that is already skilled professionals, or training the next generation of filmmakers. HT is a place for all. We often work with local charities, businesses, and freelancers.

This could be creating content to support their needs, or providing opportunities to get involved in our projects. Similarly, we work with local schools, colleges and universities to employ and train local people wherever possible. This can be a difficult industry to get started in, but some work experience can go a long way to secure future employment- whether it be with us directly, or elsewhere. 


All companies have a responsibility to carry out their work in a sustainable way. Years of being a leading video production company for the renewable energy sector has opened our eyes for the need to transition to Net Zero. We have undergone training to contribute to these goals in our industry, as well as becoming a clean member of the UK supply chain. We have gained both the albert and AdGreen qualifications. albert is a programme specific to the video production industry that advises film makers on how to best reduce their environmental impact during all stages of production. AdGreen is albert’s equivalent within the advertising industry, and works in partnership with them, as well as BAFTA and the Advertising Association.

They provide training on general areas for improvement, such as recycling, energy suppliers and carbon offsetting. However, they also provide industry specific solutions- for example, their directory of sustainable suppliers. Through AdGreen and albert’s support, we hope to be proactive in working towards the Ad Net Zero goal of achieving real net zero in our industry by 2030.


We always strive to take a proactive approach to deliver the best solutions and content for you. During projects we like to approach things as if we’re an extension of your team, so to do that effectively there needs to be honesty and trust. If we think there is a better way to achieve a desired outcome, we’ll let you know and will encourage you to do the same- creating engaging content is a collaborative process.


Our door is always open. As we’ve mentioned, HT is an extension of your team and that applies to all aspects of our relationships with clients. Whether you’re looking to commission a project or just seeking some advice or a chat, we want you to know we’re here.


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    Visit: Media House, 13 Regent Terrace, Gateshead, NE8 1LU

    Call: +44(0) 191 2659205
    Email: info@ht-media.com