Video Production & Animation

ht media specialise in high end video production and animation. The majority of our production is done in-house, but where additional knowledge or technology is required outside the realms of our ‘day to day’, we have a bank of media partners that we will bring in for your projects.


Project planning
Project management
Script writing (and advertising copywriting)
Shot-lists & storyboarding
Digital brand strategy
Talent Sourcing
Location sourcing
Legal clearances and substantiation for broadcast


Digital filming (HD to 4K UHD) including POV rigging
Production Lighting
Stills photography
Panoramic photography
Voice over (English & non-English)
Studio & Music sourcing
Aerial & Drone filming
Timelapse filming
Slow Motion (200 frames per second)


Post-processing and professional colour grading
3D modeling, texturing and lighting
Titles & effects compositing
Animation & motion design
Offline media authoring
Online video & VSEO
Legal clearances and substantiation for broadcast


Conventional media training
Video production training (accredited workshops)