Business development and growth through effective media production is central to our success.

We take the time to understand your needs and objectives delivering quality content that makes a real difference to you. Cost efficiency is very important at ht media and we strive to give you the best quality result for a reasonable budget.


We are a group of multi disciplined media professionals. With extensive broadcast experience in drama, documentary and advertising - our production knowledge has a solid foundation.


Your story, character and voice give you your brand. They’re one and the same, and that’s why you have to get it right.

Our approach is to understand your story and develop it for screen to captivate an audience. ht takes your audience on a journey and makes them emotionally engage with, and invest in, your characters. Our productions are truthful, authentic and confident.


ht are specialists in moving media and that’s what we focus on. The majority of our processes are done in-house by our personnel and using our own equipment.

Where specialist knowledge or technology is required outside the realms of our ‘day to day’, we have a bank of media partners that we will bring in for your projects.